Social media maps the collective mind. By tracking reactions to stimuli, information is available to systematize the deliverance of stimuli to achieve desired responses. Through the network one can test & confirm hypothesis, refine theories, distill laws, and leverage those laws to one’s own gain. Social media is a collective brain scan, and the data procured functions as a projection of a collective mind; a partial image; a partial map of collective consciousness. 

Part of my work is to understand the system of the brain, and refine my capacity to reach into other people’s brains and stimulate them. To know, consciously or subconsciously what stimuli people react to, create said stimuli, and leverage the reactions. Media is a stage to stimulate brains. What are the stimuli that brains react to? As far as I can see at the time of this writing, stimulation can grouped into two categories: what I’ll call cerebral & carnal based stimulation. Limbic responses would be under carnal, i.e. responses to fear, sex, base emotions, base desires, lizard brain. Cerebral responses would be to ideas, to story, to narrative, to more complex, nuanced stimuli. Carnal & Cerebral. 

The greatest creators sense the need for stimuli and produce that stimuli through their creative mediums. 

Social media is a net thrown out to collect data on human nature. A farm, luring in fish to study, and then capitalize on them. The slaughter being the selling to. 

If you can become the gatekeeper, the tollbooth between what people believe will give them the stimulation they are after you can become rich. If you become the toll booth between what people believe will give them the stimulation they’re after you will become rich. How many manufacture a void and fill it. Create the question and answer it. Create the need and fill it. If you become the tollbooth between what people believe will give them the stimulation they’re after, you will become rich. Are they after carnal stimulation or cerebral stimulation. Money is a means to stimulation. People being after money, is just one step added to them being after stimulation. And so it follows that if you become the gatekeeper between any part of that journey, you can set the toll and collect it. Sex, drugs, music all fill a need for carnal stimulation. They are one gateway to ecstasy, & euphoria of different flavors & varieties. Become the creator of, or the tollbooth between the stimulation. Be the provider of the stimulation people are after, and if you align your wants with theirs, you will get what you want. Money is a means to stimulation, and can be used to achieve carnal and/or cerebral stimulation. 

Human beings are after euphoria, i.e. stimulation. This encapsulates a lot, human nature can be covered under this umbrella. Everything is a means to some euphoria, some stimulation. From there it branches into carnal or cerebral euphoria, of which there are a myriad of stimuli that deliver said ecstasy. As I write this, I am experiencing a kind of cerebral euphoria. My box is a stimulus to cerebral euphoria. Fulfillment is sustained euphoria. I would like to think my preference leans more towards cerebral euphoria, but of course I’m as base nature as any one and crave carnal euphoria also. Enlightenment is sustained euphoria. 

Anything that does not lead to your own euphoria is a trap, and to be avoided as much as possible as often as possible, at all costs. 

Emotion is Euphoria. There are different flavors of Euphoria. Music is one of the easiest, most base stimuli to deliver euphoria. Writing delivers more cerebral euphoria. I am aiming to be the creator of stimuli for both. 

Time can be spent either in euphoria or building infrastructure to get to euphoria. Time is the fuel to the engine of our beings that can deliver us to euphoria or to pain. Love is a path to euphoria, and perhaps that closest thing to just pure euphoria.