OLLO Songs Daily
Songs written, produced, and filmed in one day.

The only way to do this is to start
Write from the heart
Right from the soul of the sun may it never depart
…Light from the tongue as I speak
Is what lace up the art
….Faith is the needle
That seal up all the hate and the dark

… slave to the art
I move in silence to different peaks
Elated always
I feel it most when I’m Build the themes
……I do it all like amazon from a to z
mystery evolves I Write my secrets on paper crease

But be at ease, I always mean for the best
I’m droppin g’s to invest in the art and speak from my chest
…Through mist the truth kisses your skin
With Blue lips ………. do you drink red or the

white whine I pour up the ad laws
I sip and get faded off I worship a Latent God
I offer my soul up ….I till my earth and lay my seeds
….pray that the Fruit of my labor safe to eat

I see your place I see my path, I’m after power
….taste it in the air that blanket Manhattan towers
…Clean ads mislead to make the masses ours
…Why you think all the saddest people at happy hour

….this the game I’m in.. need to Understand it
…..Paint the picture the beat is part of the canvass
….Words are my only brushes, I’ve always been blessed with talent
colors are these emotions I mix ‘em up on the palette

Elation it come from wind in the summer while drivin alone
..Love is the sound of a girl….you hear smile on the phone
…Hate shades in the lines makes um darker and bold
…Any time I need some pain I just walk in my home

Day time turn in to night time, and I stay in studio, through black til the light shine and I spy
Wraiths in the dark, Embracing ‘em with my eyes wide
I make a living off painting over the white lies