10. Endless Grind (C-)

Large Coffee: $2.95
Free Refills: No
Bhakti: No
Within 10 minutes: Yes
Good Seating: Yes

Grade: C-

Sela’s Review: This establishment had a very home-y feel to it when one walks through the doors. Being greeted with mini decorative coffee cups and pots was a nice touch. The prices were fairly low which is a plus and they had a good variety of beverages from classic coffee and tea to Italian sodas, smoothies and fancy cold drinks. They could improve the selection of pastries for something more authentic or home made but it was good that they carried burritos and Panini’s, which seems to be a must these days in a café. Apart from the fact that they were somewhat understaffed and that refills are a little pricey, it is a really cute spot for a nice cup of Joe in a convenient area.