Large Coffee: $4.10
Free Refills: Yes
Bhakti: Yes
Within 10 minutes: Yes (From Jessie’s Place)
Good Seating: Yes

Grade: B+

Hours: M-S: 7am-10pm, Sun: 8am-8pm
16 Colbrunn Ct, Colorado Springs, CO 80904

Jessie’s Review: Jive is a unique coffee shop that has an abundance of room and various seating options, whether you have a group of two, the family is in town, or you would like to relax in a soft cushioned seat. The customer service is a great reason to come stop by and have a cup of jo. They are friendly, personable, and honest. They provide a number of entertainment options including a stage for performers, chessboards and checkers. There are photos strewn upon the walls, changing periodically, which contributes to the visual appeal of the store. There is nothing particularly special or unique about the flavor of the coffee, but it is whole body, not burnt, well rounded flavor. Great, fun, laid back coffee shop to study or bring friends and family!!!