1. Lost Coffee (A)

Large Coffee: $2.50
Free Refills: Yes
Bhak Tea: No
Get there within 10 minutes: Yes
Good Seating: Yes

Grade: A

Hours: M-S 7am-5pm
Address: 2350 E. Evans Ave.
Denver, CO 80210

Overall probably my favorite so far, (filling this out after having visited first 5, since I never wrote an initial review) super close by, coffee is cheap with unlimited refills, ambiance of the shop is perfect, modern, clean, sharp. Parking is the only real issue with this spot but even then it’s only a 1-2 min walk at most. Also, out door seating is lacking as it’s directly on the intersection of Evans and university, but inside is 10/10.

*Second Visit 02.08.2017*
Met Nicole one of the baristas (who remembered me from the first time!), she was exceedingly kind and has further solidified Lost Coffee as one of the best shops I’ve been to, and one of my favorite spots in the city.