First day back with true creation daily. Day was almost a blur I was moving so fast to finish all pieces I want to make. Vlog, Song, OllO This Day, The Filming, everything. Computer was looking beautiful, I have multiple engines of creation working in tandem. so many mediums and I am becoming masterful at all of them. A True Creator. Thankfully I’m tracking my time in Scythe. Need to be careful not to let things blur together too much, but this was a fantastic day for creation. I reached near OllO Level of perfection with the use of my time, and produced significantly improved work compared to 2 years ago. It’s insane it’s been that long, but the interim has brought not only resources logistically but resources of skill.

I finalized book quote format and got caught up on that. I was playing catchup with vlog and book quote stuff from the day before, then I recorded the instrumental for the vlog of the day before. Towards the end of the day I began working on a system, similar to the boxes system I used to have, in order to track my daily todo list and structure my time to be most efficient in accomplishing all of the tasks. Still refining this, and it is a larger priority, because as of now, the balance of chaos and creation is tipped too far to chaos.

End of the evening I went to target & kingsoopers to get some final supplies for the Chariot as I finish up cleaning it. Got trashcan for coffee grounds, got 5 gallon water bottle for water dispenser that just arrived from amazon at like 8:50 pm. got desk wipes. Came home, went to sleep.