Episode 16 | Think, Grow Rich, & The Sun

OLLO VLOG Episode 16 ‘Think, Grow Rich, & The Sun’ ☀️Spent most of my days last week reading, refocusing, recalibrating, and refining my resolve in the city known for being a central hub of education and home of the freedom trail 😉 I combined my week into one VLOG because of the monotony of the days but also to highlight the importance of this aspect of my journey as a creator. Time dedicated solely to self work, solidifying my goals, fortifying my resolve, and focusing my vision is crucial and I reserve one day of the week as well as one solid week or two of the year to dedicate to it so that in the days that are filled with action and schemes, I don’t waste any time second guessing myself and my aim. New album coming soon, LET THE SCHEMES CONTINUE 🔥#Worlds #July25th #Creation #GFD #OLLO