Goons (Ft. Questlorde, Prod SplurgeMusic)

Goons (Ft. Questlorde)
Album: Mobilize


Questlorde Intro:
Damn, yeah
well I’ma be there
And she’s expecting to
hang out with us
She wants to see your ass
Yeah I mean… I got doubles of vodka in the freezer already
Yeah she’s coming here
Yeah… ay Bet that I know a yung threat
Wanna buy a drum set and he call himself quest…
Lorde, and I been on deck,
let me show you where the west was won
Yeah the kid ride a fixie on his way to a quickie
With the pink rimmed glasses smellin like sticky
True shit
you the man hold me down Josh
Yeah I got you
go and tell um what you’re bout Boy
Questlorde Verse:
Turned up would you play to play
With a soul so pure put him back in his place
And we all usin problems to fade away
Yeah I’m usin that bar money for the vaycay
Shouts to my auntie whos livin down the way
Eatin tacos & Rapidos when I’m out late
Smokin out with Kay told me get it every day
Still got love for Linda who threw the raps away
R.I.P to Margaret who God took away
Let me get it and tell you about a time and a place
But I already been there
What If I told you that this time It would change
What if I told you that only time’s what it takes
Every now and then havin one of them days
And the cash comes next so I smoke my rise
So I can get it and flip it and say fuck it I’m paid
Then I might get obnoxious, smoking on toxic
Kickin it with uncle jay, told me not to smoke my own stash (no)
…That’s the first rule of pushin cake
Lit up then I dip with my fam-o
She aint really look impressed much
Why you smoking all that weed son (woah)
What a damn shade
Tryin hard not to focus
…and I’ll maybe never get it right
told the girl that I love…
Maybe in another life
Then I proceed to spread seed
Till the end of the night …
Probably end in a vice …
Cause the pussy feels nice …
We the Goon Squad
We go too hard
We do crazy shit don’t hate me
We the goon squad
Denver new gods
We do crazy baby baby
Ay yo, let me tell you bout a goon
Rockin 808’s to a xylophone
You know,
Out back in my studio…
I’m O-L-L-O
GFD been the motto and he scheme with the models
Buildin the beats then he preach with a GOD flow
True shit
You the man, hold me down Dom
ay I got you,
Go and tell um what you bout boy
OLLO Verse:
Im a young goon…
Goin to war with my art, sun tzu
I mobilize the young troops…
Scheme team comin through bout to crush you
I’ve always been the type to listen
But when its comes time follow my decisions
a young kid with a vision, that Went missin
For five years Underground Became invisi-Ble
A recluse
in the same room every single night tryin’ to lay roots
Readin malcom x And the alchemist
Coelho telling me bout how to get
Success without the stress
read about the best started Doubtin less then Found the strength
And every Now and then go out with friends
And girls that drank the beer straight out the keg
Yeah, I wrote lyrics and I made music
studied greats tryna figure out how they do it
in the dorm with marimba and aviolin
yeah … Record a hit with any dime im with
ay … but let me set the scene
Double majoring in school, Music Chemistry
But the only thing I cared about was legacy
I guess that would be the reason for the F’s and C’s
and professors would lecture me, They up set with me
Sayin potentially I could be best they’ve seen
If Id be present mentally,
But I was too focused on what I was meant to be
Drawin out plans for my destiny,
building my studios where Could Sketch in peace
Now I’m steady Schemin year is 2017
and the globe is warmin while im droppin record heat LIKE DAYUM
Questlorde Outro: That's tight! ...Chariot studios... Really ? You logged in ok, is this official? This is it huh? this is official business! What the fuck you got mail here bro...
OLLO: The Schemes bro!