Song 35 | Doers

OLLO Songs Daily
Songs written, produced, and filmed in one day.

I gotta do it

Theres always smoke
I’m just walkin through it

Been plottin lucid
know the way
I just gotta prove it

Theres a lotta loot in
……playin the game

I been layin in wait
No ones savin the day
Make the base of the wave
Take a sail on the wake

With the Baddies,
I’m with the Baddies
they give a stack to build an act
enstill the gas distortin facts
I’m gettin jazzy with it
and Jazzy with it…
me and abbey still in love
Lot has happened with it

…I never waste the time
….Never patient mind
I’m always chasin life I chase with Rye
To taste its straight… Don draper I create the times

And More than ever I’ve been thinkin from the top
Break it down, make a plot
I’m embracing all the silence I aint tryna Get got
…….know they out here tryna throttle
Any body with the strings so you learn to keep it loose
Too much pullin and you tie your own noose
Double agent I’m itatchi in the root
I just learned to stop asking whats the truth It’s a ruse

I just Smile work it
Eyes burnin with the
Fury but my light curve It
The Ice cure it if you mix it with the
Right bourbon
The Pure scotch My hearth hot
I learn lots I turn thoughts
Into my first dollars

I needs that
………..Green Gatz in mind
I always need that
Trevor with the Doer in the glass
Aint no lookin back
Took the wrath, put it in a rap
And im back