Song 11 | LaLa Firing

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Song 11 Lyrics:


We Cook the HEEAT up on iLiff
We look the scheeems up on Illif
I got my lala firing
I got my lala firing

I got no roof on my head now
Yeah, she in the room with the red towel
I See the light through
Yeah but
I wear the shades in the night time

Yeah plans written in a composition
I got long vision gotta a vinny with me
We got disctricts we got artists
Putting all the chips in this a long bet

Work the night shift this the day to me though
Now the tide is comin we got Waves to beat though
Yeah, they all perkup when they here the beat though
And they charge us all at one yeah call it rico

Ooh ooh god damn media schemes
Ooh yeah yeah proof of concept
Ooooh aw yeah I meet the elite
OOOOh this the Ruthless Onset