Song 14 | Broad Strokes

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Song 14 Lyrics:

I follow through these different avenues to try and build it
Im not consumining any more then what I need to fill this
Ive got the beauty in the chest and now I Frame it
I’ve got the fire in my chest learn to un chain it

Ollo is the vision personified
This is all of my missions and values
chiseled recorded and put on spotify

I work to refine it so that the click on the insta and in the bio
Is easy for you to get it and follow my only journey

But what is a person, just words that theyre speakin
How can a
mind be defined and refined and put in a thesis
and make it seemless I guess that simplicity is the pinnacle
of beauty
They say it in all the quotes I got in my livin room try to

Learn from the cream of the crop
Un burdened by demons of thought
I purchase teavana from the starbucks on missisippi and talk

With a girl named mia asano til we’re exhausted
And she prettier than you in her mind her soul and her body

Yeah… I stay up later than every one of my peers
cause being alone is the only time I can manage
All the quotas for creation while handlin all my fears
I chisel away at it every day I’m Doin damage