Song 12 | Satanic

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Songs written, produced, and filmed in one day.

Song 12 Lyrics:

Yeah,,,, This is prep
For the Fire and the Flame

Yeah This the desk Of the
Sire and the Reign

Watch your step, Don’t make your
Direst mistake

Ive been blessed, In the
Fire …and this is

1 6 3
Fuck with me
Dawn of the OLLO of
Black as the night ugh
new moon
back as a writer ugh
you snooze yeah
Take Time
Make Lines
Cakes mine
Cakes mine
Brown sugar
With the Lemon juice
Calls from the east I let um through

Back to
sippin on the jet
This is not a test
Give it all and get
Nothing in return
Do it all again

Get up, And Go again
Fuck the Game Raw
Over and Over again
IM tryna make it come,
I need to toughen up
Hold its arm behind its
Back and fuck it up

Session of rappin ……
THIS THE Method in action
Method in IN ACTION

Im letting it pass and
Im wreckin my management
bless up wrote the satanic tanic shit

Yeah ….. settlin back
Im settlin back in the set of the passion

Im letting it pass and
Im testin my management
bless up … then spit satanic tanic shit