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Song 27 Lyrics:

Sittin with hayato yuh
Im tryna build bravado yuh
Tryina find a sound tryna make a tide
Trny stay true tryna wave ride yuh

We go down town in a white checvy god damn
The girls crowd around pressure get heavy yeah
Im a spectacle with the with the black strings and the black keys
And I got cash and I got speakers and the caffeine God Damn
Im finding my way and it hurts still lightin my way now the burn builds
I jump up after failure and failure, still enthusiastic Winston churchill

Yeah, fuel is lavassa we play and they bossa then back to the cassa record
Songs…… On the Violin I am not tired hayato aint bored
Yeah ….. Then we got get a fresh refill
Of the jet fuel from the starbucks I still gotta build the beat still god damn