Song 31 | If You Knew

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Song 31 Lyrics:

Oh if you knew
If you knew
Shit we Knew
Shit is …..phewwww

I’m on a long Road
And the shit that we’ve driven through
If you only knew
If you only knew

Danger in the fun that I have while he off the bump
We got keys to the bm dubs While the youngstas all tryna stunt
And trust I know that feelin of being out of the squa d
And dyin to be a part of the group that to you was gods

Yuhhh ugh
……I remember that hurtle
but stayed on track, now Im in the top tier circles
Silence and confidence …..
That’s all that keep me
Involved with all the elites
Brooks just called for the keys

I got the keys to the future I listen to jay z
In the game room, my memory hazy
Off the shots of the schnaps
And laugher will get you poppin off
More than you ever thought
More than you ever thought

But then someone comes in and drops
5 racks off the top
And you realize the high they talk about
In wolf of wallstreet

And I just fuckin started but
Still I just got the feelin
Not from the coke from the greens
I’m talking Benjamin greens

And I’m just settin the Scene
Im just settin the scene
So the story o my life
Has a page to be read and seen

Yeah ……..
But still only so much I can show to you
my god if you Only knew

To tell the story of my life

I’m just letting you see the colors mixed in my life so the