Song 23 | Horizon

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Song 23 Lyrics:

With the geniuses we cultivating power
Yeah yeah , more than planetary, universe is ours
Summer heat, and we here workin in the dark
Yeah movin forward, aint no perfect at the start

but sure enough we on the path to build perfection
Got the quotes we Learnin lessons from bezos zuckerberg emerson
……..With the bpm dialed to the culture the ex beats, fresh meat they some vultures

But im Talkin up with the greatest ever
Im a Sturdy champ, talkin May wether
Im a wraith catcher
Talking ghost moves
Fuck a fresh class
I’m the whole school

We in Scheme central talking Bit coin
But we on the block time to get it boys
….Sure enough all the sauce callin
Cuz we cookin up got a lot poppin

…violin, set the motion
metronome, and a set of potent
Bars…… set to the protools
Coffee on the desk, fresh Cold brew

Getting calls from the Carrrl tho
Vinny said get in the carrr tho
I gotta finish these baaarrrss thos
On the horizon the staaaarrrrrrrr show