Song 2 | Jet Fuel

OLLO Songs Daily
Songs written, produced, and filmed in one day.


…. Give it to me
And I triple it up Im swimming in it

…..Im diggin for the
I sit in the kitchen and I sip on some

Jet fuel
….. yeah
Black from the bottom of the depths

Yeah now im on ill never rest
Im an automated threat
And I got um in the west


Two strokes and I build with a few notes
You slow, im jacked like a tuco
Break bad with a car and a golf club
Make mad and I part now from all um

Livin like they got a second chance
I get to dancing on their graves
They all afraid and that’s a cancer that will
Waste them all a

Now im locked up
Here IN the box of
……creation Art lust
insatiable un shaken and full emblazend heart of

heart of cold
I walk in blizzards and my star it glows

A few Cups
A few cups
Of black
Now I shoot upp
Shoot uppp
Im strapped
With the new stuff
New stuff
Yeam im too upp
Too uppppp