Blog 11 | Tempered

There is a dichotomy in creation, especially in self-creation.

To be constantly challenging yourself, and thus indefinitely acknowledging and exposing flaws, while simultaneously believing wholeheartedly in yourself and the perfect potential of your character. To have infinite faith tempered with focused skepticism. This is yet another internal balance that must be maintained for powerful forward momentum to occur.

I’ve been trained to see the flaws in myself, areas for improvement, mistakes to correct, and I’ve developed laser focused judgment and an acute capacity for criticism. These are sharp tools I’ve forged that help to chisel my character into shape, but wielding only these tools has proven to cut into me too much, breaking off valuable pieces of my self that with a little more finesse and gentle molding could have been shaped into something beautiful.

If my aspirations are to create a beautiful piece out of my character, it’s paramount to employ methods for that kind of gentle work; for the nurturing and shaping of my self, as well as methods for cutting and firing it in the forge.

To temper steel, you heat it up, and cool it down, it is an integral part of the process to create a higher quality product. To neglect it is to compromise good work.

8/2/2017 5:56am