Blog 51 | The Dam

Back in website building mode, foreshadowing a resurgence of daily creation. With time back under my control and logistics in line for the foreseeable future, I’m working to structure a system that will facilitate a flow of content and creation, no matter what turbulence surrounds my logistics. Now, while the sun is shining, I’m working to build a fail-safe for my creation. In effect, it will be a scheduling system. Where I work everyday to produce new content, but accumulate a mass of ideas, songs, videos, whatever, to be dispersed evenly so that their distribution is ever flowing. Like a dam storing and calculating the release and flow of current, this site will house all of the creation and act as the arbiter of disbursement. The website is the base platform for all mediums, and I’ve created subsidiary social media branches for each creative form: Vlog, Blog, Slog (Song Daily or ‘Song Log’) on the main social media platforms. I will have posts scheduled daily for each of these mediums and their respective platforms, and on my main, overall OllO social account, I will pick the best of the best content to disperse at an even slower rate, so as not to deluge my audience with all the content being created in real time, which was my system in the past. This is the evolution of Creation; of my Creation. And this site is the rudder for it’s journey into the world. 4:16 pm