Blog 55 | Time & Chaos

I’m determined to find truths I can anchor in. I’m desperate to uncover laws that govern the world around me so I can be sure of my efficacy in navigating it. I’ll often believe I’ve reached an unshakable conclusion,—found some general theory that holds true in every situation—only to have the belief shattered by new evidence. But, through observation & deduction some theories hold, and I’ve been able to distill for myself at least one framework that has remained true.

That framework is that the only constants in an ever changing world are the passing of time and the ubiquity of chaos. Time is—and always has been—marching forward with indefatigable consistency. Chaos, while unpredictable in it’s manifestation, can be expected with absolute confidence to appear in one form or another. I can find solace in chaos because of its reliability. And even as ruthlessly as time advances, I can feel cradled by the certainty that it will always do so. Steadfast parents of the cosmos time and chaos are the sturdy bedrock on which I can anchor my reality.