Blog 53 | Time River

I get caught up in the minutia, and my life is passing me by. These are the moments of my life—Now. Life is happening now. I don’t know if it’s a symptom of youth, a fire of the beginning that fuels and encourages the mental framework of living in the future, but I’m getting glimpses of how dangerous that can be.

The moments of my life are happening now. they are now, not in the future, not then—now.

This, this feeling is new to me, foreign. Everything for so long, has felt as if it were ‘coming’ or yet to come. Those moments of life, the cornerstones, seemed distant. They seemed like things everyone else talks about happening in a life, but that somehow I was still so far away from. But like driftwood floating down a river, some of those moments are passing me now, and I’m often too busy looking up stream to note them. I do well at being present. I do think about being present often, more and more now that I take such rigorous catalog of how I spend my time through my Scythe matrix. I do take time to be mindful of the moment, more so now than ever, intentional with my attention in the present. But still, I need to continue to slow down, to relish the present, the moments that are making up my life, and contextualize them for what they are when they are happening, not afterwords. I need to be conscious not to spend so much time trying to create the moments that make up my life, at the expense of missing the ones that are happening right in front of me. So much just, happens. just be there to accept them, and appreciate them while at once charting the course forward.