Blog 49 | The Creation Mine

Scythe Log 1602 | ⁠⁠The eternal work of the creative is to procure, refine, package, & distribute emotion. The chief export of the artist, emotion is also an essential fuel for the mechanisms necessary to extract it. In unbalanced portions & applied to the wrong parts of the creative process, emotion can compromise all means of extraction or hope of distribution. But, injected precisely into the right parts of the process, it’s energy can be leveraged to greatly benefit the creative employing it. It also follows that emotion is, in its first stages, akin to crude oil, in that only through a process of refinement can it’s energy be leveraged to the greatest extent. And so, in a way, emotion is the crude oil of the soul. Emotion, like oil, is a volatile, combustible resource—the refined derivatives of which are at once the chief export of the creative & the fuel of the mechanisms necessary to unearth it.