Blog 34 | Happiness

We are so quickly seduced by the prospect of an easy win. But the glory seems to go to those who play the long game. The path of self creation necessitates a certain degree of modeling oneself after those who have come before; idols who have achieved noteworthy success, however you define that for yourself. I try to study as many ‘successful’ people as I can, and a prevailing theme in so many of their stories is an obsession with the process of their craft, not with the end results of their labor. There’s an infallible logic and sensibility behind this theme. Those who achieve a master work are those who dedicate a disproportionate amount of time to their craft. To persevere for long enough to reach such great heights, calls for a steadfast resolve to invest the time and effort it takes to forge work that can compete on a world scale. You have to enjoy the day in and day out of what you’re doing; if you don’t someone who does enjoy it will inevitably outlast and outwork you and thus create a more potent product.
Some days are more difficult than others, and it is paramount that I’m constantly auditing my own contentment. Happiness is the only fuel to sustain meaningful progress.