Blog 28 | Precious Relics

Already I’m feeling a lot of love for the videos I’ve been making chronicling the days my life
There are enough videos from far enough back, that the person in those videos isn’t quite me now, so I can watch as a spectator and appreciate from a new perspective. And… it isn’t a nostalgia, because it isn’t sad, I cant think of a word to describe it, but there’s this warm fondness for moments passed, not yearning or missing, just a sweet peace and happiness for the time.
What I’m trying to do every day, in capturing my journey with these videos and telling my story, is build the context of my world so the art created in it has a frame to be shown in, but also, write the story to give as a gift to my future self. I’m packaging little bundles of warmth that I need only open to be enveloped in. At the end it all will be one flat image, not linear from beginning to end but complete as one piece, in which the past and the end can be seen at once layered and weaved into one another. We are all molding sculptures of ourselves, whether we do so consciously or not. Art, or creations enables us to project ourselves on some physical medium that can exist outside of our own minds, in solid form and thus be shared. When our spirit is attached to something other than our own vessel, it is given a chance to live on separate from its maker; exist without the heart beat of the creator needed to sustain it.
I really believe I will be thanking myself for all of this in the future, so long as I can tell the truth of my own experiences as they happen to me and capture them with clarity and candidness. Capture the people in my life honestly, as they are now. They are already precious relics of the past in a not so distant future.