Blog 64 | Chronology

There are moments when you glimpse some nameless essence, some ethereal dimension of connection; when you can briefly feel the synchronicity of cosmos and make out the glowing face of infinity.

These moments come to me in intervals and I’m refining a more keen sense for them, particularly when I am alone, in focus. I can taste them, and they are a contributing fire behind the engine of Creation. OllO in part represents this nameless, otherworldly, other dimensional energy, and my pursuit towards this Ideal of OllO is my pursuit of harnessing that energy and transmitting it through the means of expression that exist in our plane, through the creative mediums available to us.

Today’s example of my seeing this connection, was instigated by my beginning to create—or to name, as I’ve been creating this, to some extent, for some time now—a chronology: the break down of my life and it’s parts, the organization of the different eras that have made up my life in an attempt to understand it; the different basins my time has been poured into. I look up Chronos, God & symbol of Time, and of course, scythe is one symbol, but the other is the zodiac wheel, and the zodiac wheel looks uncannily like the wheel of a ship, and like the compass that guides it. So, in for my own enjoyment, I make the connection that in essence we are, at our best, captains of vessels navigating the currents of time. And this symbol of the wheel & compass becomes a representation of that metaphor.

That this symbol of Chronos, of time, of chronology—the thing that my journey to OllO has inevitably lead me to studying in this moment—encapsulates this metaphor is a glimpse into the essence of all connection of the cosmos, of the light that links us all—of OllO—of what feels like this other dimensional essence. I’m still inept at transmitting that feeling, that energy into this particular medium: writing, or any medium, which are ultimately tools for conducting that ethereal energy. But I’m brushing against it, and getting closer to being able to harness that power, and transmit the energy to means of my design. Like Franklin channeling lightning—the bolt of Jupiter— to man, so too am I working towards, and discovering means to, conduct the energy of divinity to my own ends.