Blog 54 | Separate Jobs

Separate myself from my work. One function of this new framework of sharing and creating is to form a more distinct separation between my work and the distribution of it. I’m using time as a kind of barrier to separate the two, creating the work further in advance and then scheduling it to be deployed at a later date when I’m no longer thinking about it. The creator brain, or at least mine, is always firing and blossoming, but when it comes to editing, refining, and shipping, it breaks down. I get over analytical as the moment of release into the public draws near. When I was creating and posting in the same day, the amount of time taken just putting little finishing touches on before the deadline was disproportionately drawn out because the art brain was still hard at work, giving no chance to the distribution, logistic brain to finish up and systematically move forward. This has been a recurring theme for me, but as I come to know my habits, I’m empowered to navigate their structure, and leverage the patterns rather than try to change them outright. This is still a habit I’ve not totally grasped but as I chisel a way at it’s nature I should be able to undermine it to my benefit.