Blog 7 | Forged

The more fury and pressure stacks up inside of me, the more suffering and pain I am faced with, the more powerful I feel. Crystallized in the blazing fire of the forge. Somehow, under what I would have felt to be unmanageable pressure in the past, I am. When a thing is needed of myself, I produce it. When I am in a position where I need to be more I become more, and I am more. When there is no other choice but to bear a storm, I bear it, and I prevail. I become hardened to the extent I need to be and the state becomes a tool forever available for me to employ when called upon. I’ve only become aware of this trait because of situations I would have never wished upon myself, but the inevitable result is a positive one. When I’m forced to carry the weight, I become more to do so. If I can hack myself and my environment, to exploit this trait, and be conscious and tactical about putting myself in positions of unmanageable pressure, I will become more, and mold in myself in a forge of my own design and shape myself in to a form of my choosing. This feeling of indomitable resolve is worth suffering, and the creation that flowers from that resolve is worth everything. This is the premise of my life’s work and the core within the efflorescent soul of OllO.


What gives light endures burning.