Blog 14 | Time Bubbles

Thinking of a gary v quote and feeling like Im beginning to experience it. He said entrepreneurship isn’t about taking time away form your family, its taking time away from everything else.

Im imagining a little bubble graph and all of the minutes add up into circles their sizes reflecting the amount of time, and how its distributed in my life. And my artistry, my creation, the goals, the dealines, the quotas I’ve set for myself are requiring more and more time; bubble is growing bigger and as it expands its sucking time by default, time that can be harvested from all of the other little bubbles in my life. Sleep, Commuting, Friends, Mindless Scrolling, Family, Self care. These are all little bubbles in my life and I need to be ruthless with which ones I protect and which ones I decided to sacrifice to what I want to be come the greatest bubble of all, my creation.

The More I can control the monster, rule it and harness it, and make sure it is being fed parts of myself that I want to give up, the happier my balance will be.