Blog 56 | Slaves

I have a feeling, that I can’t corroborate without more substantial evidence, more information I’m working on accumulating now, but I have a feeling that somehow a pernicious variety of slavery is alive and well, nourishing the economy of the 21st century. With ignorance as chains and debt as the whip, the working class are functioning as the slaves of this era, having been captured, sold, and exploited to build the infrastructure of a Nation, and serve those who own, whether through creation or inheritance, the chains. I need to understand the framework of our economy and the history behind the intricacies of American capitalism before I can validate this intuition, but it’s a thought that’s been bubbling to the surface of my consciousness for a while now, pervading my perspective of the world. But intuition without research, hypothesis without evidence, without corroboration, is the gateway to delusion. Leaning into a thought without substantiation is the mark of a conspiracist. And the perspective of a conspiracist is worthless.