Blog 45 | Systems

Systems. I like systems. Even in music, ever since marimba, it was the systematic approach I took to learning pieces that bore the most meaningful fruit. Marimba was easy to block out, or piano. It was black and white, literally as well as figuratively. The input was there, I just had to be the mechanism to translate the notes to the instrument. and it was systematic. one note, one chord, one bar, one phrase, one page, one movement, one piece at a time. like clockwork. And it was art, it is art, but the systematic approach to it has always been where I’ve thrived, and i’m seeing now translate into all sorts of avenues. Seeing in fleeting moment like these; the underlying connections between them, which hopefully illuminates a truth of my character, my system, so that I can hack it to be most efficient. In this website, in building the studio, they were all methodical undertakings. my Instagram campaign of relentless daily posts, was just an attempt at a system, creating one to hack one. Creating a code to break a code. I’m seeing this analogy in this light because i’ve been so steeped in constructing this website. But the different challenges it has posed, the different ways of thinking it has opened up a new way to see things, which is ever valuable. To cast light on an unseeable thing and try and discern it’s shape seeing only its shadow. That’s what its like trying to know yourself. And each new thing I take up, every new thing I try, (all contributing to the grander creation of myself, my music, my words, my art) is a new form of light shone on my being, and i get to see different shadows to try and understand that being.