Blog 1 | Execution & Truth

Pt. 1

Complexity is the Enemy of Execution. I need to brand this on my palms. The purpose of my life is to become more. The process is the end, and the goal is to Create myself into a character capable of achieving what I want. I can create myself every day, and that practice itself is success to me, especially now in this formative era of my life.

Let go of insecurity, embrace action. It’s Ironic that the word Execution in this context means to take action; to move. You are only living when you’re moving. Execute or Die.

Pt. 2

(A Thought from a while back before I executed, and one I’m often turning about in my head.)

I think about ‘Truth’, What is the Truth of the world around us. If I can see how things are, if I can see the systems at play for what they are, I should be able to navigate them and capitalize on their structures, right?  Philosophically, I end up coming to the answer that there is no truth, no such thing as pure objectivity. Only perspective. And even that is my own unique filter and so by default no closer to truth than anyone else’s

But as far as the physical world we live in objectivity seems to become more approachable. Everyday people capitalize on systems at play. People manipulate markets, analyze trends, and ride waves of culture to the shores of their desires.

When I look at culture, and try to strip away all of the stories we’re told and get to the bottom of who we are, the bedrock I always hit upon is that nature is supreme. Nature is the ultimate Truth.

What do I mean by ‘Nature’. I mean that nature is bleak and indifferent. Nature is chaos and carnage, in the same breath as beauty and serenity.  Unapologetic, un-feeling, unclothed in emotion; naked and raw for us to behold. This natural state of the world, untouched by humanity is all humanity really is, too, when you strip away our words and stories, feelings, and filters. There is no meaning, no morality, no joy, no pain. Just nature.

This is not to undermine the profundity of all of these things that we uniquely as humans bring to the fold: our Ideals, our Systems, our Philosophies and Laws. But I think it would behoove us to keep in mind that they are all constructs, built upon a truth that is as bleak and unfeeling as the void of space. Everything else is just what what we’ve populated the void with to create a feeling of order and comfort.