Blog 18 | Back Home

I feel wonderful being home and in this space of creation. I am hashing out a life for myself, carving potential into shape. I am most at peace when I step into this space and continue this work of creation and the sacred process of self-refinement. I feel purpose, I feel whole, fulfilled, and ready to ride the years to come growing my character, voice, and soul. For all of the years of reflection, doubt, introspection, and questioning, I cultivated a north star for myself: OLLO.  A star that, through all of the turbulence and waves, I know will hold true, and fortify me through the voyage to come.

These days my resolve is tempered by my inner voice of doubt, not defined by it. And fire from the internal battle raging inside between the believer and the cynic is now harnessed to move me forward, not cripple me. The voices of doubt are behind me empowering me not sitting on my chest hindering. Forever I will have this intense capacity for criticism, but so long as I leverage its force and guide it, it will drive me to meaningful ends.