Song 9 | High Note

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Song 9 Lyrics:

Makin dollars and sense
out here living events
They watch us killin the sets yeah

Sid kid
is sendin me snaps
She a dime piece
now shes an 11 for that

I roll with my day ones
Forever until the day comes
Long beard chillin
And all the children are raised up

Talkin brain chiald
I give um my main miles
I’m the maverick
Makin it happen
raisin the average yeah

Its me and haya on the 16th mall uh
Business adventuring now im 6 feet tall
We been scheming discoverin
Hes the younger of brothers and
shinjis up in the upper side of the city
Fuckin up but ill

See him later when the quoas are met
Creation logo is the soul on my chest
I am ollo
O –l –l –o OllO
Bar slayin prodigy never playin a wrong note YEAH

We made the 125 note
I play the Fucking High notes
I Am The One To write hope
We made the 1 2 5 note