Song 4 | Imminent

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Songs written, produced, and filmed in one day.

Song 4 Lyrics:

Put a wall up
Cut the cause of
All of the dark
While they harbor
Hate and worry yeah

Were a father
No longer
I am stronger
I will shape the fury

This is gats
This is god
This is rap
This is song
All in the medium

Beam me up
Light year schemein
More in a day than they do in a week cuz

Speed is the thing I gotta
Bleed write a song and then a beat
This is ollo and the scene yeah

Leap when I get up to the peak
standin at a chasm
Looking in the deep

Talk in the interim …
Capture the context
Vlogs on the inter net

Bastard evolving
IN the Cold, I am Snow
Throneship, Imminent

Right…;Hand ….Raised…… I…… Am…….Raised (Pain)

Father lights the way with
Right hand raised and points at me
I am bursting I am worth it
God is in the seams