Song 13 | White Rogue

OLLO Songs Daily
Songs written, produced, and filmed in one day.

Song 13 Lyrics:

I walk Like Grey
I raise the veil
walk through grey
Song graves
IRaise the Veil

Walk down,
To the park with a water melon
Lock Down
All the hearts They all want the fella
Talk down
On the arts and I’ll rockafella
OLLO is the arbitor conscious of where the darkness gets us

Speak Truth,
Speak Truth for the
Light souls
These roots these roots in the
right soil
This Is War,
Of the soul
I’m the white Rougue
Low key
like the left side of the piano

yeh Rap Killer
on boulevards to the bucks
….Caffeine sipper
Full of heart I erupt
At Last this visceral
Star is born and above
Burstin forth with flares and the core is
A tempered trust

Richness In writtens
I spill the lushest of melodies
I erupt with the With a charred voice
Hear it marbled in elegy

Yeah Cold is enveloping
While the warmth is devolping
And I mold with the hands of a boy
The formative reveries