Song 16 | White Heat

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Song 16 Lyrics:

Numb to the Fire
Stuck on a pyre
Let it burn let it burn
Let it Burn me black
Let it burn me back
Cure the plague of the world

This is purpose ….
this insurgence ….
This is purging the care

Never worth it …..
Never worth it ….
Close the curtains
On the hurt and dispair

Hit Bottom of the rock
Then dig a little farther its
not enough
I wanna touch
Fire that’s
Embalmed in the crust

Yeah, Take me to the Core
I want the white heat
The white heat

Try Me
try me
The Light, Baptized
in the white heat

Down Down Way town
Deeper base now
Hit the place now
Women chase now
This the wraith town
This the wratih town
Great Spirits Empty
Souls I need to Raise now