Song 5 | Let Go

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Song 5 Lyrics:

Sittin in back chill with sophie
How many peopledo I got here who really know me
Every day I take a cut and give my soul out
Build in fame I think no body really knows how

Every body havin opinions on my process
But they got nothing to prove the shit theyre talking
In the ocean where no body else really gone yet
They don’t know no better than ollo what’s going on next

My mothers friends come here and talk about the artist
Latin woman juding complaining and fuckin gossip
Adults actin like they know something we don’t know
They still children in the mind although they’ve grown old

I am trying to do best to keep up on becoming ollo
Learn to love the walkin cuz I have chosen a long road
Weight on my shoulders is mostly stuff that’s in my head tho
Day I fly will be the day that I learn to let go