Song 24 | Mr. Rogers

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Song 24 Lyrics:

IM not
feelin it tonight Im just not feelin it
All I want to do is shut off the light and sleep
I had a wonderful day of progress practice and schemes
But ran out of all my steam before I hit tracks and beats

But I got quotas to meet
I’m committed to this journey
I’m commited to creation
But wont sustain if it hurts me
But sure enough pushin through just a little bit of discomfort
Has Lead me to this catharsis
And heart of this hidden under

The work, its all a balance
Always must find the center
The why of it that’s a challenge
So many outside pleasures
Tryin to draw me in,
but only satisfaction
That I ever get
Seems to come whem Im alone takin action

Its ironic
I was just writin about the process and
makin sure that I audit my self and always be conscious
Doin the things where the process is what is awesome
And the more that I spill in these words
The core of my purpose blossoms and

This the point of it all,
Im pretty aware……..
Most of the time
But I got days I slip in despair

And all I want to do is fall in resident evil
And sit on the couch with shinji
And relax just rest and sleep or

Just check out on his tv or just
Drive somewhere and Eat
But then I drop all the pressure on my self
Then I want to be
in the chartiot I think of mr. rogers he explains
When I accept myself as I am, its only then I can change