Song 18 | Eclipsed

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Song 18 Lyrics:

…..Buildin better this a never endin story
This is precious this is glory on the efflorescent shores
…On the port…Tighten chords…bless the vessel destined for
…Autmn next ….through the morn ….this celestial importance yeah

Im Legacy Buildin
Best of the children
I set the vision
ecstacy written
intense grippin his chest
And kills him

Head of the billions who can Catch up with the forces
With the feelin that I’m pressed with on the Edge of Rigamortus

This is mastery mastery
Planning the rhapsody yeah yeah
Have to be after me
have get after these tracks tracks
they trapped in they atrophy
that’s a catastrophe damn damn
Yeah my magic intact and it blast out the canopy
yeah yeah

I’m thought of In Ovid and
I’m in Constant metamorphoses
Darkness is at the Core of it
Cost I pay is Exorbitant

……burn for thousands of goddesses
Fire never extinguished
…….Earth is shrouded in darkness this
Light is never eclipsed and I am OLLO