Song 3 | Mirage

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Song 3 Lyrics:

Day Three and I’m Strapped
Sound like Iraq
Up in the chariot
Passionate past playin clap strad, fast

Clap clap,
Bring me that platter of fresh fruit
The watermelon and uvas
Its time to do up and Suit up

And I
slide hard
They livin in a dive bar
I par on the course settin sights far
In the heat of the middle of summer
Fadin summer
Made to love her
Made to lov her yeah

Drinkin Syrah Syrah

You see marriage
Bitch you thirsty In the dessert
You seein mirage haaaa

Walk…. in the street
On the line
With the team
Gotta fine
Thing with me
Talking dime
Talkin Jeez
All the time
All I need
On a night
Is a reason to
Speak my peace
My peace
My peace my peace