Song 6 | Heat in the Desert

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Songs written, produced, and filmed in one day.

Song 6 Lyrics:

I am The alchemist
Writin his personal legend
here in the dessert
going full metal Call me Edward

Listen to interstellar
writtens are getting better
Now I’m stoking the embers
I used to play Mozart excerpts

Now I build
beats anywhere I need to
and My bars are so clean they see through
and the Things that I start I see through
I work with the beast : Bijuu

I rhyme from a to z crazy
Then I drive to AZ with baby
All day with a future doctor
Then I leave cuz I need to take three

Yeah… Im a new God
And I do VLOG’s and the goons copying ollo
I see like there’s visine in my mind keeping it clear then
I hit the long road
But I take red eyes the red eyes to east coast
I need to stay up all night so mother fucker Please note

That I want
biggest thing you got I’m sippin on it
Get to whippin wicked like I live in boston
Yeah I hit it raw and then I spit it honest
Then I Hit record and then I Ship the content

seth godin with the lynch pin
I pull up to dutch and Order a Kicker
Fuck Fear that’s the lizard talking
I Hit record and then I ship the content

Ship the content
Ship the content
Seth godin gets to talking
I hit record then I ship the content