Song 30 | Yakisoba

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Song 30 Lyrics:

These are Times of trials and testing all of my loyalties
see who goin to war with me unto the breach to royalty
yeah got all the Boys with me now I got girls supporting me
All I need to do is focus and cut out the noise

mob the chevy on pecos, I listen to Jeffery Bezos
I’m working now where they tell me to watch for Kevin and Lay low
That’s 48 laws of power you never outshine the master
….startin to see the truth of the lessons I’m learnin faster

Im always changing I’m always changing I’m always raisin the bar
On myself I know I could go even fuckin harder
I know I could really kill It .,,,,keep on pushin my limits
……still every time I hit it, I know that wasn’t my biggest

……. nah
More More More
I build chords, I spill forth, from the source
I add coal to the fire the glass molds in the forge
And they worry, Ask if I’m happy, ha of course

Yakisoba fom kikis is all I need to complete me
…. Life is a circle yeah I’m reflectin back like a cd
My Memories are like BB’s all scattered hidden and buried
…. full of pain when they hit but its worth the rush that they carry

…..Trevor talks about kerri, and Doesn’t want to go home …….
…. I know the feeling …. God I know it’s part of my soul ……
That’s Why I built a Haven,,,,, protected by creation
Now we’re at the desks creatin, Just look we already made it