Song 34 | Thank God for Trevor

OLLO Songs Daily
Songs written, produced, and filmed in one day.


Mobbin round in the beamer
With Brandon brooks that’s my teacher
I learn to follow the leader
And try to not seem so eager

I line up all of my prospects
And smile when I’m at the door
Try to get them to buy
So my life can keep movin forward

Run from all of my problems
And any thoughts that are negative
…don’t wanna talk about the rest of it

I am greater than every kid
I am best in the business
My thoughts are either all broken
Or glow celestial richess

Yeah…. And theres a reason
Reason, I always wear black and white

A reason for all the roses
Reason for all the quotes
It’s the colors on the walls
Where I’m recording every night

I’m a man of extremes
I laugh and I scream
I capture the scene
I fracture my dreams

…With my own internal dialogue
I acknowledge the darkness
And try to be strong and fight it off

…But thank god for trevor
Thank god for Trevor
Thank god for Trevor
I’m drinkin rye whiskey
I’m in the rye I’m the catcher yeah