Song 22 | Fruit of my Labor

OLLO Songs Daily
Songs written, produced, and filmed in one day.

Song 22 Lyrics:

I talk in mikes and write in staff and play percussion
I walk the line I’m Johnny cashin in the summer
Castle livin with my diamonds and my brothers
Talk with gabby watch the light that’s commin from her

But not the gabby to never aquire follows nah
I’m talking aussie in the black who write with ollo
Play marimba while sippin on Cote du rhone
Then press record and hit the track like locomotive

and I have Got Loco motives We runnin trains on the culture
Poseiden the trident holder they ridin waves like a coaster
….put coffe on coaster and shift like a fault line
Tsunami ensues, I’m the storm, and the, star shine

This for all my ghosts who stayin silent and watchin
I do all my best work when the wake is quiet and calm and
I’m awaitin the day that the parasites start to bolden
And try to grow on their own… and die cause they lack their host

……..But the Sun gives unconditional
Origin story mythical Scope of the vision biblical
listen to viktor frankl and mr. franklin, and malcom
exemplify all the wisdom then Steer the world and the outcome

Package it for the masses
passion with my mavericks, Teamin up getting after it
She stepped in the chariot, said it feels Apple-esque
….Fruit of my labor……..tune in for what happens next