Song 17 | Hundos

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Song 17 Lyrics:

….Parkin tickets on my desk right next to hundos
The point of all of this is to always be havin fun tho
Little man in the summer but I’m a titan evolving
Phone just got stolen But im still here makin calls and

Makin plans and im carvin dreams whats the scheme team
We just load up in the chevy and go and get all the green green
Cream of the coffee we rise to the top we won
Celebrate with ice cream, coconut something fudge fuck

And sophie morris is sendin me dms
don’t have time to reply til way after PM
A video of a girl sayin just chill and be patient
Let the things just come natural, advice she says I should Take Like

I shouldn’t be out here working and practicing every evening
And Makin songs on the daily to better my self and reach
for the Pinnacles and the peaks…..putting pressure and heat on my self
To be come elite, she thinks that I should just sleep

Well……If she was one of the greatest artists who ever lived
……telling me to relax, then maybe I would listen
But she isn’t, but people like her talk as if theyre positioned
In a place where they know all thats best for you and your vision

And All of the clichés are startin to come alive
My mother sees us workin and compares us to a story
from don Quixote, with sancho journey and people doubt him
cause he isn’t all there, but the book is written about him so