Song 20 | Market

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Song 20 Lyrics:

I live in ecstacy I
Chisel sets and See
The crowds collect for me I

Nothing but but time alone and
A pen and microphone
The iphone helps but it wont

Slow me Down Slow me Down
Even If I don’t have one I can know I can Pound 
out the schemes I can write
And record like at the top level
On a 6 s had to borrow room pops hella

Bars Go far Push harder push harder
All the little problems help me think out the box yeah
Part of the process, Market on market
All I needs coffee, a team and a target

God daaaaaaaaamn bruh…
You gaaaaambled but
You playyyyyyyyed carrd
Damn its paaaaayyyyyin off and

And I preach change,
Make elite gains
Seen pain that’s imperative
What gives light must endure burning
That’s why we scheme in the chariot