Song 25 | Yellow Flowers

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Songs written, produced, and filmed in one day.

Song 25 Lyrics:

….fly a straaaaange machine
I ride with wraiths and deeeeemons
And my pagggges bleeeed

I set my angeeeelsss freee
Come Tie your fate with me
Rise embrace …… me

stop ….. thinking bout it
….Fuck …. All of them
I’m written ballot
I’m only vote that matters
Thy all speak, splatter
Filth batter
Waste After

Its a new trap ….new trap
it’s a fugatz….. fugatz
Yeah the women have it
Yeah the women have the power
and I use that
This a true path to a new stature

(As) sumin power with the books lighter hours
got the juice in the crowler in the room with the flowers yeah
that’s Yellow yellow, bloomin the studio flood with exso
Im new to the one who letgo – I loosin the tounge and echo

Give it all to ollo and watch as the follows rack up
I am the model the truth in the motto I back up
Fire in the chariot, no sign of no arrogance no no
This is preparedness I am aware of the flow tho
……….yeaah and
They Riiddee the waaaave with me
Tie your fate with me
Rise to space with me ………..
Breeeath, and let the bones prevail
My light is shone and sails
Across the open veil