Song 32 | Approved

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Song 32 Lyrics:

Break through me
They thinking that They knew me
I get every thing I wanted
Im always bullet dodging

Yeah, I’m tryin I’m changing
I’m addin I’m pacin
My madness is bracin yeah

I don’t want A vacation
I don’t want a vacation
I want more on my plate

Im workin later than anybody that wants it
The words in favor of me cuz I walk the process
I go a hundred on everything that I do now
I end up stuntin on all of um when they do doubt

I’m makin insta friends like spicy hallepeno
She Talented cute funny and that’s always the way it go
I always fill in blanks of a person with pretty dreams
And I always see them as angels before they expose the demons

Fall asleep in the chariot
Heavy burden I carry it
Got a dream I take Care of it
Search for truth like im Meronym

robin hoods like I’m Aerol flyyn
had the most fun with sarah
when I held her by the waist
and I saw her boyfriend get scared as shiitt

I take it to juice
He make it approve
Got the silver Ilok I need to run protools
fruit of my labor is sweet when I produce