Song 26 | Johnny Cash

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Song 26 Lyrics:

I work with the daz bog on the brown desk in the fall .. ooh
I turn up the ac on the high way in the fog oooh
September now the air dries and the grape vine turn purple
I roll down Cherry hills, on holly mind garden fertle

Oooooh……slow drive
Im thinking Napolean hill ……
I Visualize yuh
With loriAbbey yeah she broker the deals oooh

With the poker face
Go the poker skillz
Goin all in pushin black chips
You all Know the drill

Yeha this is practice, goin all in Sippin black this in tack but
…..Life a tall gin drink it all in.
………And fuck cali, fuck conor, taste black shoot black bitch yeah
Sittin at the wedding and my brother says he wants the juice back shiiiittt

……….That’s too bad for the gargoyle up sittin on the perch haaaaaa
yeaaaaaah succubys tryina suck the soul she gon get hurt haaaaa
Yeah I pull up in shades and my heart is elated in knowin the truth of the matter
…. The organ plays and I say hail satan in the pew and im laughin