Blog 26 | Feels Empowering

Nature is ultimately indifferent. And people are only a reflection of nature. We like to dress it up with our feelings and ideas but the naked truth is that reality is an empty canvass, populated only by the colors of our internal experiences, and we splatter them so recklessly over the fabric. For all the disquisitions of romantics, there is no beauty or darkness outside the realm of human perspective. For all the exhortations of moralists, the same is true of good and evil. Morality is a construct, and a system maintained to coddle the delicate and protect the weak. Value is only a reflection of what a majority of people have agreed has value. The only truth is that there is none. My own declaration inherently contradicts itself I suppose. Or paints the picture of what my internal experience is. Since all of it is just made up anyways, we have to create and exercise the beliefs that empower us the most.
And for me, for some reason, this perspective feels empowering.