Blog 6 | I See It

I see it all, The path for business is beginning to appear into my consciousness, there are so many different avenues for me to generate cash flow with creation and I am absolutely capable with the talent I have and the charisma I employ to bring them to fruition. I was watching a Robbin Williams interview the other day, His inside the actors studio interview. I’d seen it before, about 5 years ago, but I revisited it last night.

The man was a genius to be sure, but even he had lapses in his creation, as every artist must, and I could see the way he pushed through them, and it wasn’t through wit, it was sheer, indomitable will, and charisma that he literally forces the crowd onto the next thing. His charisma made up for any weaknesses in his wall. And I have that. I’ve felt it, with the shows with all of it, the power to just will it so forcefully, to pump so much energy to thing that regardless of how far back the tipping point is I’m able to just push us over the edge to at least set us up for the next chance.